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Analyze Situation

There are many reasons why homeowners face foreclosure such as job loss, sudden illness, divorce, and excessive debt obligations. We will help analyze your situation to determine the most effective and appropriate course of action.

Determine Best Solution

Our immediate goal is to devise a plan of action to quickly help move your case toward settlement with as little financial and emotional distress as possible.

Our approach will depend upon where you stand in the foreclosure process. You may be in pre-foreclosure, meaning a foreclosure lawsuit has not yet been filed against you, or post-foreclosure, meaning you have received notice of a pending foreclosure lawsuit/sale.

In either situation, being proactive can aid in the process of negotiation by helping the lender(s) avoid the expense of continued litigation.

Repossessing your house is the lenders least desirable option so we attempt to work with your lender to determine better solutions than the continued time and expense of litigation. With, you will receive helpful guidance with responding to bank notices during negotiations and if necessary stopping your home from being auctioned off.


There is nothing worse than doing nothing. There is no plan worse than no plan. Be proactive not reactive. The fact is that your foreclosure will not magically go away nor will it take care of itself. The sooner you can educate yourself on the most viable options available, you can confidently determine the best course of action.

Facing foreclosure is difficult emotionally and financially. We will work with you to get you the best outcome for your individual situation.